Build Your Own Modular, Scalable Power Storage

POWERBUILDS products are a more acceptable, scalable and modular method of producing the required power for your home or business while eliminating the need for a fossil fuel powered generator. If you go off the grid you gotta go with a PowerBuilds energy storage system.

Off-the-Grid, On-the-grid, preparing for the inevitable or meeting customer specifications – The POWERBUILDS energy storage solutions exceed any of your power storage expectations when safe and reliable power is demanded.

This intelligent power storage solution utilizes POWERABLE power cell technology for receiving, storing and utilizing power no matter the source.

Our solid state lithium batteries will continually innovate, adapt and change the way batteries will perform today and in the future.

Cell enhancements include:
• Solid state electrolyte intelligence.
• 33% higher energy density.
• Higher performance with less weight.
• Discharging temps of -22˚F to 140˚F.
• Delivers precise amperage required.
• Better power delivery by chemistry.
• No flammable liquid electrolytes.
• Reduced thermal runaway.

POWERABLE power cells introduce new innovations in Lithium battery technology using a ceramic oxide solid state electrolyte.

Typical lithium ion and Lithium polymer chemistries integrate a flammable gel or liquid electrolyte. Our solid state ceramic oxide electrolyte composition eliminates the use of these highly unstable liquids, greatly reducing thermal runaway conditions that cause typical lithium batteries to ignite.

Eliminating liquid and capitalizing on a solid also reduces the weight of our cells, which increases our energy density. This means you get 33% more power from the battery using the same weight in materials. Because a solid electrolyte can be much thinner and consistent than a liquid or gel, internal resistances are lowered and power density is greatly improved allowing the cells to deliver the amps from the battery at a much higher speed. This advancement provides the power needed for the most demanding conditions.

POWERABLE low internal resistance makes high charging rates possible (up to 4C / 15M).

Solid state properties make charging and discharging temperature ranges much better than the LiFePo and other lithium chemistry batteries.

POWERABLE cells can drain down to 0% (100% Depth of Discharge). Other battery technologies can not without causing irreversible damage.

If it is required to be powerable, you can always trust POWERABLE.